When She Loves Book

When She Loves

I'm blessed to be in my First Anthology with some Amazing and Talented Authors. Check out my short story: "The Good Boy"

When She Loves is a collection of short stories from the bestselling authors you love and an introduction to the works of six new literary voices.

When women love, they love hard. When women love, they sometimes cast their fears aside. When women love, they dive in with every emotion. And when women love, they can change the way you see the world.

When She Loves is an anthology of fictional stories of inspiration, drama, romance and sacrifice. With stories like Love’s Miracle, When Love Is Enough, The Greatest Of These, 99 Miles, and Romancing Jacinta, readers will have their choice of stories that can be read in your favorite love seat at home or on the go -- in the doctor’s waiting room, the bank line, at lunchtime, before bedtime or at your child’s football practice.