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Walk A Straight Line - Discussion Questions

  1. Colleen and Gina have been friends for years. Then Colleen got saved and married Terence. Should a newly converted child of God remain “best”friends with someone who is not saved?
  2. Colleen and Gina’s friendship went through significant changes and transitions. Most friendships are transitory. What do you think contributes to building lifetime friendships?
  3. Colleen didn’t see herself how others saw her. How can a person’s self-worth and self-esteem influence the mate he/she seeks?
  4. One of the main reasons that Colleen invested so much in her marriage was that she didn’t want to end up alone like her mother. Do you believe that is a valid reason to stay in or seek a relationship? Have there been times when we have made decisions in our love lives strictly because we didn’t want to be alone?
  5. Gina felt that Colleen was always preaching to her since she became saved. Do others perceive you like this? How can we effectively share Christ with others without coming across as “holier-than-thou”?
  6. Gina was not ready to hear about salvation or to go to church. Should Colleen have done more to encourage her friend in the Lord? Was Colleen being a true example to her friend to lead her to Christ?
  7. Terence urged Colleen to get baptized again. How do you feel about the idea of getting rebaptized? Should it be encouraged, especially since we know that God looks at the heart?
  8. Colleen changed her appearance and even quit her job to please Terence. Do you think that a woman should give up her independence and do all she can to please her husband? Why or why not?
  9. Colleen fought back in an abusive relationship, which is not common. Do you think that was a wise move on her part? What measures does your church organization provide to help battered/abused women?
  10. As a married woman, Colleen realized that there were some issues that she couldn’t share with her best friend, Gina. Do you agree with this? Are there certain topics that should remain between husband and wife? How do we draw the line between what we share and don’t share about our personal relationships?
  11. When a man marries, he leaves his family and cleaves to his wife. With Terence, we see his struggle with pleasing his mother versus his wife. Have you ever been in a situation where you made your significant other choose between you and his mother?
  12. Should Colleen have given Terence a second chance after he abused her and admitted to cheating on her?
  13. Gina was in love with two men. Is that possible? If so, why or why not?
  14. Keith and Gina decided to keep their one-night stand between them. Do you agree with their decision? Do you think that they should have told Michael about their betrayal?
  15. Francine felt she would lose Terence once he married Colleen. There are many parents who face this empty-nest syndrome. What are some activities or pastimes in which parents of adult children can get involved? Does your church have a ministry for seniors?
  16. Do you think that parents should have a life separate from their children, or is that selfishness? Why should/shouldn’t parents make their children the center of their lives?