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Unbound Hearts - Discussion Questions

  1. Would you hire someone who was responsible for you losing your legs?
  2. Do you agree with Jasper’s decision to forgive Charmaine?
  3. What do you think of Charmaine’s personality? Discuss her character’s journey from the beginning of the novel to end.
  4. Compare Charmaine’s response to her father’s death, to her mother’s. Both women handled their grief differently.
  5. Do you understand Charmaine’s anger toward God? Do you think she had a right to be angry?
  6. Matt and MaryAnn wanted to shelter Jasper because of his disability. However, he was determined to be independent. What are some ways in which we can promote independence for people with disabilities?
  7. As a mother, do you understand MaryAnn’s actions? Or, do you see her as interfering into her grown son’s business?
  8. This is a romance novel, so Jasper and Charmaine had their happy-ever-after ending. Do you think a romance between them was realistically possible?
  9. What was your favorite scene?