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My Steps Are Ordered - Discussion Questions

  1. Gina, Michael, and Keith were parents who had to take care of a sick child. Though Trey recovered, what are some thoughts we can offer families who lose their children and question or blame God? Why do you think God allows children to be sick?
  2. Gina wanted to have another child, but she didn’t like the idea of having one for the sole purpose of saving another. Share your thoughts on whether or not you think it’s okay to have children for this purpose.
  3. Gina was married to one man while being in love with another. Keith constantly filled her thoughts. As Christians, how can we counsel someone who is facing this struggle?
  4. The story is based on the scripture Psalm 37:23, and the events show that Keith’s steps were truly ordered. What are some incidents or experiences that you’ve had that prove that God is with you every step of the way?
  5. Gina felt that she was a good person and that she didn’t need God. Are there friends or family members in your life who you know behave better than those who profess to be saved? How can we minister to these individuals who have high morals and values but haven’t accepted Christ? Are there any Bible scriptures or histories that back this up?
  6. Throughout the novel, Gina relied on God only when she needed something. How do we engage in this same behavior at times? What are the dangers of knowing God only when we need Him?
  7. Keith was unwilling to fave his past, though he had converted. Although the sins of the past are forgiven, there are still consequences. How do we explain, then, that God has thrown these sins into the sea of forgetfulness? Why do we still have to face our past if it has been forgiven?
  8. Keith’s love for Gina made him betray his brother. Do you think there is ever a time when love justifies hurting someone you love or going against family?
  9. Sometimes when we minister to people, they feel as if they’re too sinful for God to really want them. Share your experiences. What scriptures or words of comfort can we offer someone who feels this way?
  10. Gina and Keith had different reactions when faced with the possibility of losing their children. Discuss their different reactions, particularly from a saved versus unsaved point of view.
  11. Do you think it’s possible in this day/time, given Facebook and other forms of social media, to hide the fact that you have a child?
  12. Though Gina was a strong woman and was unsaved, she allowed Michael to manipulate her because she believed in marriage and she didn’t want Trey to grow up in a single-parent home. Should we remain in a marriage if we’re unhappy, even if we’re saved? Should a child influence our decision to stay in an unhealthy marriage?
  13. Do you share Colleen’s belief that there are some marriages that God didn’t put together?
  14. What advice can we give to couples that face infertility? Share some of the reasons for infertility. Do you think it is a punishment from God to be unable to bear children?
  15. Keith ignored God’s voice when he was urged to confess the truth. Have you ever ignored God’s spirit and done your own thing? Share your experiences and any life lessons learned.
  16. Keith faced instances where his flesh and spirit struggled. He knew what was right, but his heart wanted what it wanted. What are some practical tips we can give believers when they are faced with temptation? How did Christ address this in scripture?
  17. God gave Keith a second chance. Do you think he deserved it? Are there certain individuals who you feel don’t deserve a second chance?
  18. Michael’s actions grew out of anger and malice because he had been wronged. Were his actions, though extreme, somewhat justified? Why or why not?
  19. Michael used his children as pawns to get back at Gina. He didn’t consider the innocent children. What lesson can we take from this? Why isn’t it a good or godly idea to use children for revenge?
  20. Keith and Gina’s relationship was messy. She committed adultery, and he betrayed his brother. Should he still be allowed to be in ministry? Why or why not?