A Reason To Sing Book

A Reason To Sing

Beauty meets the Beast and a Bucket full of Betrayal

Megan Higgins is still mourning the death of her husband, Jackson, when she first rested eyes on Ryan Oakes. The first time he meets her, he asks her to marry him. He uses his vast wealth to make sure she has to marry him so she can care for her young son, Cooper. Forced into a marriage, Megan knows only her faith in God will help her tolerate the cold-hearted man waiting for her at the altar. But when the FBI begins an investigation, will Megan be able to betray her husband?

Ryan Oakes is relentless and determine to have whatever he wants and what he wants is another opportunity. A do-over as a husband and father and Megan and Cooper are the perfect candidates. He’s learned money can buy him anything as proven by his new bride. He loves God but he loves money more. However, Ryan will learn there is some things money cannot buy like a woman’s love or a daughter’s respect.

Brian Oakes had been given a name. Kyle Manchester. That’s all his real father was to him. He grew up believing Ryan Oakes was his father but a part of him yearns to discover the man who gave him life. He starts his law internship at Kyle’s firm and finds out Kyle Manchester has a vendetta against none other than Ryan. Will Brian betray the man who raised him?

Merle Peterson is sick of everyone seeing her as the bad guy. She has done a lot to overcome her past. She’s saved and sanctified and all things holy. Thank goodness, her granddaughter, Karlie, believes she has changed. And, she has, except for one tiny problem. Merle is a fraud. When her act is about to be exposed, will Merle surrender and allow God to change her for real?